Inviwo v0.9.4 release to lighten up the fall

The new release comes with a lot of new core features to help modernize our workflow, coding etc:

  • Threading support – dispatchPool(submitting tasks to thread pool) and dispatchFront(submitting tasks to front thread).
  • Ports now handle data with shared_ptr, such that multi-threaded processing can utilize the port data in a safe way.
  • CImg replaces FreeImage as our main image lib, on the basis that it’s modern templated and lightweight API in comparison.
  • Several new CPU/GPU-based image/volume processors, for arbitrary merging or sampling.
  • New A-Buffer OpenGL-based (Require 4.3 (non-Mac support)) processors/module resolving visibility when rendering arbitrary opaque, transparent, and intersecting objects.
  • More usage of C++11, for example a new cross-platform timer.
  • and more…