Inviwo Development Going Public

As of writing, Inviwo is being developed on a private git repository which we have manually synced to the public git repository (
This had a few benefits when we started the development of Inviwo but has recently become less beneficial. Therefore we are going to “merge” the two existing repositories into a new one and move all development to that repository.
What will happen is that the old Inviwo repository will be moved/renamed to inviwo-old and a new fresh repository will be created in its place.

This move will take place the weekend of week 6 2018

In the case you have local changes or commits that are based on the old latest commits on the old repository you should not have to worry. Our testing showed that it will just be to pull with rebase: git pull --rebase and your commits will be rebased onto the newest master.

The commit that currently is the HEAD of master of the ‘old’ repository will be tagged with v0.9.9 in the new repository.