Inviwo Development Going Public

As of writing, Inviwo is being developed on a private git repository which we have manually synced to the public git repository ( This had a few benefits when we started the development of Inviwo but has recently become less

Inviwo 0.9.9 Released

It has been a while since the last Inviwo release so this one includes a whole lot of improvements! You will find binaries at the Download section, or you can go and clone the repository at our Inviwo github repository

Volumetric photon mapping paper, using Inviwo, published

Link to paper: Correlated Photon Mapping for Interactive Global Illumination of Time-Varying Volumetric Data, Daniel J√∂nsson, Anders Ynnerman IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), Volume 23, Number 1, page 901–910 – jan 2017 Source code available at GitHub.

Inviwo 0.9.8 Released

Inviwo 0.9.8 is now available for download, you will find binaries at Download, or you can go and clone the repository at github.

Inviwo 0.9.7 Released

Inviwo 0.9.7 is now available for download, you will find binaries at Download, or you can go and clone the repository at github. The new release includes many new features and bugfixes. Here are few notable ones: Python is included

Moving to Visual Studio 2015

The next release of Inviwo (0.9.7) will be the last one that will support Visual Studio 2013. After 0.9.7 we will require Visual Studio 2015. We expect to release 0.9.7 in the beginning of May. The latest Visual Studio version is

First 2016 release is now out, version 0.9.6

The new release comes with overall architectural improvements and new improved tools. The goal for this and previous releases is to prepare an upcoming 1.0 release which should have a core architectural structure that does not require extensive changes for

Great Scott! It’s Inviwo v0.9.5 release day.

The new release comes with some new additions: Vector field visualization modules – with use of the Eigen library. Major re-factor of several core concepts (data and modules) to make things more clear. and more…

Inviwo v0.9.4 release to lighten up the fall

The new release comes with a lot of new core features to help modernize our workflow, coding etc: Threading support – dispatchPool(submitting tasks to thread pool) and dispatchFront(submitting tasks to front thread). Ports now handle data with shared_ptr, such that

Inviwo poster @ IEEE Vis 2015

Please come and have a chat about Inviwo at the IEEE Visualization Conference in Chicago. IEEEVis has also posted a 30-sec short video preview to the poster/framework.