Inviwo has the following growing list of features, which you might find handy.

Data Import

  • Volume Import
    .dat(internal), .raw,
    .pvm(Used in the Volume Library)
  • Image Import
    .bmp, .raw, .exr, .jpg, .png, etc (using the CImg Library)
  • Geometry Import
    more then 40 different ones through the “Open Asset Import Library, i.e. Assimp

Data Exploration

  • Clipping (Axis-aligned and Arbitrary Planes).
  • Flexible Transfer Function editing.
  • Volume and Image Processing


  • GPU-based Volume Ray-Casting (OpenGL, OpenCL).
  • Geometry Integration.
  • Slice Inspection.
  • Touch-based Interaction
  • Local Shading and Global Volume Illumination
  • Transparent Geometry Rendering (using an A-Buffer)
  • Height Fields